What I do:

- Illustration
- Licensing
- Production
- Eco-friendly

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About Tina

Artist Illustrator Designer Tina Schofield At Bar Harbor sitting on red rocks by the Atlantic ocean

After working for the biggest fine china company in the United States I set out to go on my own as a full time independent artist. With my knowledge in the production of fine home goods, textiles, and my background in illustration and design I now create my own line of products that are not only timeless but also cruelty free, fair trade, and environment-friendly.

Along with licensing out my artwork I also am currently taking on commissions, collaborations, and remote projects under contract. 

My Mediums

acrylic paint, watercolor paint, pallets, fixatives, and artist materials

I primarily work in a mix of traditional and digital painting. My traditional mediums are mostly acrylic mediums, watercolors, inks, and sometimes tea and coffee. I try to use environment-friendly materials as much as possible in my process. While I work in my own illustrative style, with my fine art background I am also flexible in any style that a project may demand.

My Inspiration

 Illustrator Tina Schofield holding up a autumn leaf while on her hiking trip in Bar Harbor, Maine

Many of my pieces are directly influenced by my experiences in nature, my animal friends, old architectural elements that surround me on my travels, and anything and everything that happens to cross my path. Follow me on Instagram for more about what inspires my artwork, fun art challenges, and more!


Tina Schofield has been working as a professional independent illustrator and textile designer for 8 years and has been a working artist for 13 years. She received her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011. Tina has tutored art since high school, taught art professionally from preschool aged children to senior citizens, and judged many local art shows. Her work can be found in high-end designer boutiques, known retail stores, as well as places like The Vatican and The White House. 

Tina currently lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her “co-worker” lionhead bunny, Strudel. 

She loves to cook, dance, ride horses, explore the outdoors, and travel any chance she gets. 

In her spare time she works as a wildlife and environmental conservationist and volunteers for animal rescues.   

For a more detailed resume please click one of the links below:

Artist Tearsheet (pdf)


Simple Resume (pdf)